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Serge Ferrari Fabrics

Though Lightweight Manufacturing will use different fabric brands based on customer requests, one of the most popular types we work with are the Serge Ferrari Architectural Fabrics.

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Serge Ferrari fabrics have a number of advantages which make them very popular for architectural fabric applications: there is the Ferrari Precontraint system which pretensions the fibers in both directions equally during coating. This gives the fabric balanced properties between the warp and fill direction. Most PVC coated fabrics have more stretch in the fill direction which limits the design options. The Ferrari Precontraint system also minimizes the total fabric stretch under a given load. Finally the reputation of the Serge Ferrari brand name and the history of longevity is an important factor for many customers.

Keder fabric panels | Serge Ferrari 502

The quality of the coated fabric is one of the most important factors in longevity of a fabric structure, but manufacturing quality during cutting and welding also plays a big role. Lightweight Manufacturing has both the experience working with Serge Ferrari fabrics, as well as specialized equipment for working with the high-end fabrics, especially the TX-30 fabric.

Ferrari Precontraint fabrics, like many others, exist in different weight/strength combinations. Ferrari Precontraint fabric can generally be used with a lower weight for the same performance, because the coating coverage on top of the fibers is greater due to the Precontraint system. This makes the scrim more flat, less coating is “lost” between fibers, and more coating is available on top of the fibers to protect them from harmful UV for a given weight. 

In the design of a fabric structure, the engineers will determine the minimum required fabric strength, based on minimum safety factors that are required. When a stronger fabric is selected, it will result in more longevity for the scrim since the scrim can lose a larger percentage of its strength before it fails, since there is more strength to start with. However in many cases, the longevity is determined by the surface of the fabric becoming so weathered that fabric replacement is required from an aesthetic standpoint. In that case, using a stronger fabric does not necessarily prolong the fabric life if the topcoat is the same between the heavier and lighter fabrics. Fabrics with a stronger scrim will generally stretch less under a given load. 

Lightweight Manufacturing assists their customers in fabric selection, making sure they get the best value on their unique project.

Tensile Roof replacement
Some of the most popular Ferrari fabrics we work with are:

Ferrari Precontraint 502 S2

Ferrari Precontraint 502 Formula S2 fabric is suitable for high quality fabric structures with moderate stresses on the fabric. It combines excellent strength with minimum weight for maximum install and transport productivity. The same Formula S2 topcoat as used for heavier fabrics is applied to maximize longevity and keep the fabric clean. The 502 S2 fabric also has a very high translucency, 19%

A lighter version named Precontraint 502 Satin is also available with a series of different colors (see color chart) with a weldable PVDF/acrylic blend topcoat

Ferrari Precontraint 602

Ferrari Precontraint 602 fabric is suitable for high quality fabric structures. It combines excellent strength with minimum weight for maximum install and transport productivity. The topcoat is acrylic, suitable for less demanding applications. The acrylic topcoat seals the PVC coating and prevents plasticizer migration. Ferrari Precontraint 602 is available in the US as an opaque white or tan in 22oz weight, or in a translucent version in a range of colors (see color chart). Compared to 502 S2, it has similar strength, more weight but a more economical topcoat without PVDF.

Tensile fabric | Ferrari 1202

Ferrari Precontraint 702

Ferrari Precontraint 702 Formula S2 fabric is suitable for high quality long-term rental and permanent fabric structures. It combines excellent strength with minimum weight for maximum install and transport productivity. The 702 style is available with Formula S2 topcoat as well as with the TX-30 topcoat.

Ferrari Precontraint Formula S2 is a calibrated acrylic- PVDF topcoat that combines weldability with improved resistance against soiling.

Ferrari 702 fabrics also exist in an aluminum surface finish with acrylic topcoat.

Ferrari Precontraint TX-30 is a pure PVDF, cross-linked topcoat that is not weldable. It is a PVDF coating that maximizes the self-cleaning properties and improves the longevity of the fabric. The TX-30 topcoat is not weldable, but Lightweight Manufacturing operates special equipment that grinds off the topcoat in those areas that need welding.

Ferrari 902 S2

Ferrari Precontraint 902 Formula S2 fabric is suitable for high quality permanent fabric structures. The Formula S2 topcoat provides a calibrated PVDF layer to enhance the surface properties and extend the life of the fabric. The strength is higher than the Ferrari 702 fabric, with a comparable amount of coating coverage on top of the fibers. Ferrari 902 is considered a type II fabric, while Ferrari 702 is a class I fabric. This classification is part of the european classification system that divides architectural fabrics in 5 strength classes.

Ferrari 832

Ferrari Precontraint 832 fabric is suitable for industrial applications. The strength is the same  as the Ferrari 902 fabric, with slightly less coating and an acrylic topcoat. It is available in a range of colors (see color chart)

Ferrari 1002

Ferrari Precontraint 1002 Formula S2 fabric has the same strength as the 902 S2 fabric but provides a heavier coating weight.

Ferrari Precontraint 1002 is also available with a TX-30 topcoat.

Ferrari 1202

Ferrari Precontraint 1202 Fluotop T2 fabric provides more strength that 902 and 1002 and is considered a type III fabric.

Ferrari Precontraint 1202 is also available with a TX-30 topcoat