Sustainable Choices

  1. Recycling of PVC fabrics: Ferrari brand PVC coated fabrics are recycled wit the Texyloop program. Ferrari Textiles developed this unique recycling program that seperates the polyester fibers and PVC resin and recycles both. All Ferrari brand cutting drops during manufacturing and panels that are returned after fabric replacement are recycled this way.
  2. Smart translucency: fabric structures offer excellent opportunities to maximize natural daylight while minimizing solar heat gains, by utilizing translucent fabrics in areas of low solar impact and opaque fabrics in areas with maximum solar impact. Minimize the use of electricity for lighting and create a more enjoyable environment with natural daylight.
  3. Lightweight = low environmental impact. Fabric structures are inherently environmentally friendly since they use the minimum amount of material to enclose a space.
  4. Fabric replacement: fabric structures look like new after the fabric is replaced. Fabric replacement has minimal environmental impact.


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